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Reading This Book Is The Most POWERFUL Marketing Way To
Build Your BUSINESS, Your BRAND & Your LEGACY.

Get a CEO Mindset FASTER and EASIER than you ever thought possible. 

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Dear Friend,

Every single day I speak with young CEOs who confide in me that they... wish someone had taught them 10 years ago, what I just put into this book.

Or they don't know how to MARKET themselves. very few people really care about their career.

And they're confused how to Quickly Close The Big One.

This book will help you solve those problems.

It will show you how to walk the walk, in 1-day or less, and how to turn it into your MOST POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL.

How do I know this is possible?
It took me over 20 years to sell my first multi-million dollar business. Then, once I figured this out, I significantly increased my lifestyle!

Here's what I discovered:
*What I did to become so successful was a system that you can use for your business, your brand, and your legacy.

It would be my honor to help you BECOME A CEO and BUSINESS LEADER in the world.
but here is a warning:
Your time is running out.
How many people are going to show up at your funeral?...
What will people say and remember about you as a business professional?

What's your BUSINESS-LEGACY going to be?

It's easy to think of your business-legacy as a "warm bath."
Possibly it sits in the background of your mind and is something you'll get around to when you're close to RETIREMENT.

(But by that time, it's too late.)
Recently a friend (and a previous client) of mine filed for bankruptcy. 

He'd wanted to leave his company to the people he cared about most...

 ==> His wife.
 ==> His kids. 

But, now that will never happen.

You have a RESPONSIBILITY to share it with the world.
There are people out there who need your products and services.
Believe me... there’s nothing worse than spending (wasting) countless hours of the time, and energy and money and frustration on the WRONG STRATEGIES. 

And it's DANGEROUS to your business, your brand and your reputation, to become a C-Level executive, with a plan that sucks.

Or with marketing that sucks. Or having a lack of experience that doesn't help you FORWARD YOUR VISION.

What if you did all that work, only to discover that you made the wrong moves. What if you do all that work, and it doesn’t help you advance your mission? Or, your vision? Or, help you promote yourself, your brand, or your business?

Well, this book is going to help you make sure you don’t make those mistakes.
When you repeat the WRONG advice, you WASTE your time and energy, and ultimately you sabotage the success a great plan can create for you, and the impact it can have on others.
Done correctly, becoming a successful CEO and/or business owner can build a LEGACY that transcends time.
At the same time, success will build your personal brand, success creates powerful lead-generation 'magnets’ that you can use in your marketing, it helps you attract the action of the media, it can give you FREE publicity, it can promote your cause or mission, or philosophy. 

You can use CEO experience fame, fortune, or fulfillment…

It's proven. A a winning home run business plan is the most powerful action you can take! 
AUTHORITY, CREDIBILITY, and TRUST with your ideal clients and investors who then begin to DESIRE you, and your PRODUCTS and SERVICES.
With The Right Stuff, You Will:
  • ​Position yourself as the AUTHORITY in your company's culture.
  • ​Gain INSTANT credibility with your investors and clients.
  • ​Get more qualified LEADS, consistently
  • ​Build a strong DESIRE to work with you
  • ​Increase your CLOSING ratio, even after INCREASING your fees
  • PROMOTE your project or mission in the company!
By the end of this book, you will have the clarity to know what to do first,
what to do next, what to do last, and exactly how to get your promotion fast

You’ll know how to structure and close the winning deal, (one that you’re proud of)
and you’ll have confidence, knowing how you will use it to GROW your business. 
This book can do AMAZING things for you...

It's not about reading another boring business book. 
It's about having a book THAT WORKS FOR YOU.
Reading This Book Can Set You Free.
It Worked for Them... It Will Work For You.

Lew is a great mentor...

“Lew is a great mentor and a valued friend. His insightful advice motivates me to better myself in all aspects of my life. Whenever I have the privilege to spend time with Lew, I walk away inspired.” – Gregory Hammann – Reg. VP Mastro’s

Lew has had a greater impact...

“In a short period of time, Lew has had a greater impact on my career and life goals than anyone I know. Lew has the unique gift of getting the most out of you in any conversation.” – Robin Roberts – Global Director, Digital Projects, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Lew has taught me more...

“Lew has taught me more about business and life than anyone before him.” - Curtis M. Thom, Managing Director of Institutional Equities, Roth Capital Partners 

Lew is a real-world leader...

“Lew is a real-world leader. He has shown me what it means to be a successful business person and a person of integrity.” - Jesse Rubin, Vice President, Rubin Adjusting
As I said earlier… 

It's not a matter of "if" you can do it. 
I believe the real question is "when" will you do it.
I've helped countless professionals, plan their next move, share their message, and craft POWERFUL marketing and monetization strategies beyond their current project to earn BIG money. And make a BIG difference.

People just like you. Let me repeat that…

Phenomenal people (just like you) have become CEOs, raised millions, became bestselling authors, and made BIG money - all at the same time. With plenty of time leftover to enjoy their new lifestyle.

You’ll read about the lessons that helped them in this book. Who knows… Your name could soon be on this list. 

But first, you have to get your copy!
Now, you might be wondering "who" I am...
and what "qualifies" me to write this book.
I was born the son of a book keeper. 

Growing up, in Philadelphia, my family had no money, but lots of love and support. 

My biggest fear was that I'd never amount to anything, never break the cycle of poverty.

After many ups and downs, and hard work, I achieved what I thought was "SUCCESS" because I was making "millions of dollars...", on top of my game and surrounded by an amazing team who were also becoming millionaires.

Then, in 2001, I sold my company and had millions in the bank, but I had no clue what I would do next. I had no ideas left, no direction and my children were about to go to College. 

The fear of never working again, never having another great idea was debilitating.
(If you read my book, you’ll find out why I think that.) 

It’s not where we start in life, that matters. It's not our failures or even our successes define us.

Eventually, I realized, it was not the technology that made me millions, it was my ability to lead people. And as I was building my life back, I felt pulled to finally "write my book," and share my story. To use it, and the challenges I'd gone through to make a difference.


I finally got serious. And I decided to get some help. So, I hired a mentor. 

With his guidance, I saw, for the first time, I was not the Company I build, I was so much more. I was a great story teller, I could share my knowledge and experience with others to drive their success. I started working with CEOs, Executives and Business Owners, sharing what I learned over my career. I got on Boards, I became a speaker and I started to look for opportunities to leverage my past into something even bigger in the future. I even built another tech company that keeps you entertained on an airplane.

But what felt better than that, I used these experiences to help me 10X my lifestyle.

I was traveling the world, meeting amazing people and actually helping them. It felt amazing. I didn't have to try to CONVINCE people to buy from me. They saw my honesty, integrity, my passion and my understanding of their situations. I raised my fees, but I did so because I was adding more value to peoples lives.

You see... my book turned into my most POWERFUL marketing tool. It has practical tools and insights that can be applied the moment after you read them.

My book built TRUST with my IDEAL AUDIENCE and it created a DESIRE for them to want to work with me. No more "selling" and "convincing."

Instead, I am in SERVICE. Every single day.

In short …

I believe we are all put on this earth to make a difference. And, every day I go out and do my best to do just that. That’s why you are reading this. That’s why you know I am here to help you achieve your greatness.

And in my book, you’ll learn how YOU can use my methods and tools to create a substantial income BEHIND and BEYOND your wildest dreams.

And you can get it done FAST, setting yourself up to be the go-to person or if you want to start a business, you will avoid the mistakes that take down most startups.

Add a ZERO to the number of people you helped last year, and tell me... Do you like that number? 

I did.
But what felt better than that, was that we didn't have to work as hard. We didn't have to try to CONVINCE people to buy from us. We raised our fees, but we did so because we were adding more value to peoples lives.

You see... Our books turned into our most POWERFUL marketing tools.

Our books built TRUST with our IDEAL AUDIENCE and it created a DESIRE for them to want to work with his. No more "selling" and "convincing."

Instead, we were in SERVICE. Every single day.

In short …

I believe we are all put on this earth to make a difference. And, every day I go out and do my best to do just that. Your book, the RIGHT BOOK, can help you do that.

And in my book, you’ll learn how YOU can use this method to create a substantial income BEHIND and BEYOND your book without the hassles of traditional publishing. 

And you can get it done FAST.
This Book Will Show You …
  • ​The PROVEN path to becoming a CEO and business leader FAST
  • WHY this book is your most powerful marketing tool
  • WHAT your plan should be about so you can build authority and expert status
  • HOW to strategically “plan” your deals, so you can prepare EASILY & QUICKLY
  • SECRETS to getting your 2019 plan “done” in 2 days or less without stress
  • HOW to Use This Book To... Gain More Clients and Prepare For Your Promotion BEFORE You Even Ask For It!
Here’s What’s Inside The Book...
This isn’t a thin eBook or glorified pamphlet. 
It’s no-fluff content and real-world GET-IT-DONE knowledge, including:
  •  The Success Mindset: Learn how even when things catch on fire you can be success focused, on page 6.
  •  Everything is Connected: Lew shares how a simple saying about meaures and management can be the difference between red and black on your ledger, on page 21.
  •  The Customer Journey: Get the secret to the three customer keywords that make it easy for clients to buy what you are selling, on page 28.
  •  Presence: The three styles of leadership that every great CEO falls into. Which one will you are you, on page 33.
  •  The Boss, the Manager, and the Leader: Learn how urgency and importance relate to the iteams you need to pay attention to, all on pages 37-43.
  •  Keeping Track of the Important Stuff: KPIs, CSFs, and other terms that get to real meat of running a business in 2019, all on page 51.
  •  Life Lessons, Musings, and Words: Our products are delivered immediately 59
  •  Relationships: Red pill or blue pill... Neo, it's always been a choice. Every choice has a consequence on page 69.
  •  Picking a Partner: There is no perfect partnership; however, there are great partnerships. Learn how to make a winning selection on page 76.
  •  Get Over It, You're in Sales: Learn how the greats know to never talk through the sale! Another way of saying this is, often, less is more, on page 82.
  •  Pitching for Success: An integral part of selling is pitching. As a leader, you’re always pitching something. Learn the way the best get it done on page 85.
  •  The Balanced Scorecard: The reason you'll like the balanced scorecard is that it puts a process and a mindset in place, on page 92.
  •  The Final Critical Stuff: Be SMART when setting goals! It is critical to have a plan, vision, and direction. Learn about SMART on page 98.
  •  Success Is Not A Trick, It's A Process: It rarely takes one bad thing to destroy a business and it rarely takes just one good thing to build it. Learn how to navigate on page 105.
Plus you'll get these BONUSES:
Instant Digital Download of
the Entire Book.
You’ll get instant access to the whole book, so you won't have to wait for it in the mail ...

And start taking action immediately.
Free 15 Min Call With Lew
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Access To Lew's Private Facebook Group
Everyone in this group is highly upwardly mobile and committed to making it to the top.
The Critical Stuff They Don't Teach In Business School,
And How You Can Turn This Book Into Your Most POWERFUL Marketing Tool.
And you'll learn...
  •  The ART and SCIENCE of Great Business Systems
  •  The difference between good business and Great Business 
  •  How to use this book to create a More Powerful Brand
  •  The Top 7 Business Mindsets Used By The Most Inspiring CEOs
  •  PLUS: 3 Simple Steps to a winning presentation that MOTIVATES and INSPIRES people to take action
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There’s just one catch …

I may decide to start charging for this book at any time. So act now to get this for FREE while you still can.

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When you read the right book, you gain INSTANT:
AUTHORITY, CREDIBILITY, and TRUST with your ideal clients and investors who then begin to DESIRE you, and your PRODUCTS and SERVICES.
Be great,
- Lew Jaffe

Business Professor of The Year
CEO, PhD, MBA, Entrepreneur

Final Thing:

Yes, this is about you becoming an CEO. It's also about your LEGACY. And, I like to always focus on the upside of the MARKETING you can leverage to help you Earn More...

But it’s also about FREEDOM. 

Your personal freedom.

*I hope to meet you soon in person.

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When you write the right book, you gain INSTANT:
AUTHORITY, CREDIBILITY, and TRUST with your ideal clients and investors who then begin to DESIRE you, and your PRODUCTS and SERVICES.

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